Cafe Nush Village Walk in Borrowdale is open from 7:30am to 10pm, Monday to Sunday.

Reservations are made 1 day in advance and are only accepted by phone between midday and 6pm, Monday to Sunday.

(263) 8677 172548


About Us

Conveniently located at the upmarket Village Walk shopping complex just off Borrowdale road,
Cafe Nush Village Walk baosts an extensive menu, catering to a wide variety of tastesd
The Cafe is open from 7:30am to 10pm every day.

Cafe Nush offers a variety of breakfast and well as on-the-go options such as
toasted sandwiches and delicious wraps, in addition to tasty salads and more substanial main meals,
using a variety of fresh local ingredients.
Our baristas brew a wide range of coffee, fruit juices and smoothies.
We have a mouthwatering selection of decadent confectionary on display, to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Café Nush offers free Wifi and charging ports,
making it the perfect work place for business
professional’s and creatives who seek a space to work or meet.

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Our Pizzas

Our inspiration is simple: We make pizza because we love it. There is no other way.
we use only the freshest ingredients we can find, always staying true to the recipes developed by Francesco Santocono, recognized instructor by the Italian Pizza Association and Pizza World Champion 2007.

We use a long fermentation method in making our dough to ensure a healthy digestion. The result, a tasty & light crispy base; freshly made sauces & ingredients making our pizza delicious and healthy.


Our Confectionery


Cafe Nush Village Walk boasts a wide selection of cakes and confectionary. Ranging from more traditional items such as Milk Tarts to the more modern, decadent Red Velvet Cake. For the summer we are well prepared with a delectable assortment of Gelato flavours, proudly local.

We are are able to cater to bespoke and birthday cake requests.